Move in Title

Dynamic title for you videos. Smooth in/out animation + auto sized background and drop zone for your logo.
DL link doesn’t work in Chrome.

Office Tools Pack

Emphasize advantages, stick photos and format your text.
Scotch title requires FCPX 10.6.2 / Motion 5.6.2 оr higher!

Download only from Safari browser

Snake Zoom And Bounce Effect

This template is inspired by effect/transition from an application CapCut. Just drug&drop the title over your footage or photo and make it much more dynamic. Perfect for insta! Download works only from Safari browser!

Percent Counter

This percent counter may help you to add some motion graphics into your corporate videos. Inside you will find 2 types of design. Fully customizable as always.

Stroke Effect

Add a stroke effect to any object. Adjust colour, width and much more  and animate it. You can even turn off the source object.

FCPX Starter Pack

Contains: Adjustment layer, Motion Blur and Audio Crossfade Transition

Neon Title

Neon Title allows you to turn any font into a Neon light. You can adjust amount, colour, animation and so on. Motion 5.6 and FCPX 10.6+ only.

manga transition

Manga transition — simple and colourful. You can adjust colour of blocks and choose direction.


Quick Blur Title permit you to quickly add blur on a footage on background without cutting it. You can adjust amount, length and turn on blur in and out.

Scale Through Time

Scale Through Time Effect permit you to scale up and down image or footage without keyframes. You can adjust start and end size.

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